Today Indiana State AFL-CIO President Brett Voorhies issued the following statement urging the Indiana General Assembly repeal the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and reset their legislative priorities:
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Week 12 of the 2015 General Assembly was not a good one for working Hoosiers, as several bills negatively impacting our wages, rights and futures advanced in the process. The following are brief updates on the status of the major bills the Indiana AFL-CIO and our affiliates tracking: Read more >>>

While much of the Internet this week was focused on escaped llamas, figuring out what color a dress is or mourning the loss of SAG-AFTRA member and Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy, we can forget that legislation is still being pushed that would make the lives of working families worse. Whether it is the "right to work" policies pushed by the allies of Gov. Scott Walker (Wis.), who likes to compare workers to terrorists, and in other states like New Mexico and West Virginia, or the ongoing negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) using the Fast Track process, we need to stay alert. Read more >>>

The Indiana House of Representatives recently approved House Bill 1019, which repeals Indiana's long standing Common Construction Wage law, by a vote of 55-41.

The legislation now moves to the Indiana State Senate, where it has been assigned to the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee. That committee will meet Tuesday, March 31, 2015 to consider the bill. Please take a moment to contact your State Senator and urge them to oppose repealing this law.

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Fifteen years ago, there were roughly 17 million American manufacturing jobs. Today the number of those manufacturing jobs, which pay a significant wage premium for middle-skill workers without a college degree, is closer to 12 million. In Indiana alone, one out of every five manufacturing jobs disappeared during that time.

Nowadays there are a lot more of us working in minimum-wage retail positions at places like Wal-mart.

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