In the third week of the 2015 Indiana General Assembly, legislation began to move through the various legislative committees and organized labor faced some early challenges – and won some early concessions.

While many of the big-ticket items have yet to be scheduled for hearings or votes in committees, we expect to see them over the next two weeks. The following is a brief summary of what happened this week at the Indiana Statehouse:

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Following hours of compelling testimony from workers, labor leaders and attorneys representing workers, today the House Judiciary Committee chose to withhold voting on HOUSE BILL 1469, the Company Store/Wage Theft Bill.

Committee members agreed that changes were needed to clarify the legislation. The Indiana AFL-CIO and others will work with the committee to amend the bill ahead of a scheduled vote next Tuesday.

Special thanks to Northwest CLC President/AFGE Member/USDOL employee Dennis DeMay for his expert testimony today!

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Share of Households Earning Middle-Class Income

Income inequality became a hot topic of economic conversation in 2014, and publications like The Atlantic have taken notice. In 17 Things We Learned About the Economy in 2014, the authors explore the growth of low-income jobs, stagnant wages for families and shrinking wages for younger workers, the racial and gender wage gap, taxes and the dwindling middle class.

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